Model "Swiss Comfort"

Stainless Steel Bench with "built-in low voltage heating" - "Made in Germany" This special wide version provides comfortable space for 8 persons "sitting" back to back Perfect for the use in skiing areas or as "smoker-bank" in front of restaurants, hotels, bars, administrative buildings and shops.


P.H.A.S.   =    "Please have a seat" 

  • heatable
  • stable in value
  • weatherproof

The integrated heating offers seating comfort at every season. The built-in low voltage heating element within the three seating bars provides a comfortable 25-30 degree Celsius (78-88 degrees Fahrenheit) during the cooler seasons. The bench remains free of snow and ice. The required wattage is approximately 180 Watt per hour. This is equivalent to today´s electricity cost of about one Euro for about five hours.

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A special NANO-treatment prevents dust and moisture to accumulate on the bench, which guarantees always a clean appearance. A slight slope on the seat surface allows rainwater to run off.

Technical Data


High quality brushed and polished stainless steel (available in V4A-steel, price surcharge 589.- €)


Width: 70.9 inches
Height: 18.5 inches
Seat Depth: 28.63 inches


176 pounds

Total carrying capacity

1100 pounds

Electrical power requirement

110/230 V supplied by a 197 inches power cable with a standard wall plug