Stainless Steel Bench with "built-in low voltage heating" - "Made in Germany"

Perfect for the use in skiing areas or as "smoker-bank" in front of restaurants, hotels, bars, administrative buildings and shops.

  • heatable
  • effective for advertising purposes
  • shining
  • stable in value
  • weatherproof

The integrated heating offers seating comfort at every season.

The built-in low voltage heating element within the three seating bars provides a comfortable 25-30 degree Celsius (78-88 degrees Fahrenheit) during the cooler seasons. The bench remains free of snow and ice. The required wattage is approximately 220Watt per hour. This is equivalent to today´s electricity cost of about one Euro for about five hours.  

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Illuminated Advertising        

Text and logos in high- precision laser-perforation in stainless steel backrest of the bench allow for individually controllable advertising; a highlight in any location by day and night. The built-in LED lights can be separately remote-controlled. This gives each bench the special message in either color or white. The back bars can easily be exchanged on-site with a special tool, for any advertising changes.


Weatherproof and Easy-care        

A special NANO-treatment prevents dust and moisture to accumulate on the bench, which guarantees always a clean appearance. A slight slope on the seat surface allows rainwater to run off.         

Top-quality, long lasting materials.

Stainless steel of the highest quality and produced with European perfection gives the bench an elegant look. With this look, it can compete on every famous boulevard like “Königsallee – Düsseldorf”, The “Champs-Elysee Paris” or the “Ku-damm in Berlin”. With a weight of 187 pounds it is a very stable structure. In addition, with the invisible anchors inside the base, it is theft and vandalism safe.

Effective advertising, cost effective and crisis-proof.

Just imagine that the upper back bars bears the name of your Town, hotel or shop etc.!

The lower back portrays in laser script the name of the sponsor, renter, advertising partner who rented this bench for a limited time. After that, the stainless steel bars can be exchanged with little effort for the next sponsor. Thus, you have the chance to amortize this investment in a short time.




High quality brushed and polished stainless steel (available in V4A-steel) 
(3 seating bars / 2 back bars)


Width: 70.9 inches
Height: 31.5 inches
Seat Depth: 23.6 inches


187 pounds

Total carrying capacity

1100 pounds

Electrical power requirement

110/230 V supplied by a 197 inches power cable with a standard wall plug