The coloured light awakes emotions in the people and everyone is curious how it is to ”sit on light”, says the light artist Bernd Spiecker. His Lightbench objects had their premiere in 2011 as a part of the “Festival of Lights” in Berlin.
The idea of the Lightbench and the installations “P.H.A.S. - Please Have A Seat” he describes like that: The emotional interaction of light and colours should get the park bench of its conventional context and open up a new perception of the object to the viewer.
Bernd Spiecker has a vision to let 100 lightbenches wander around the world and to install them at famous places, like the Chinese wall, the Central Park, the Gorky Park or the Mont Blanc, so that people from every nation, religion and culture can have a seat and get the opportunity to communicate with each other.
The heart of the lightbenches are the opal white, translucent, six millimeter thick, aging- and weather resistant acryl glass light beams connected with a radio controllable LED-light technic for colour choosing: blue, green, yellow… every two- and a half minutes the Lightbench objects are able to change their colour.  “Lots of people check whether the benches are hot, before they sit down”, tells Spiecker from his experience, but the 500 LEDs in seating and backrest do not release any heat.
The high quality material in combination with the fixation possibilities protect the object from vandalism and allow a whole-year-usage. Bernd Spiecker: “Beside the use in public areas, our lightbenches are also made for privates as well as for representative purposes of companies“.
The current Lightbench program contains also a model, made completely from stainless steel. Here the LED light escapes from small, laser-cut holes, which can be for example the logo of a company.
This establishes almost unlimited creative opportunities. Apart from that, the heating which is built into the seating, arranges a comfortable 25-30° C, if required.