Model "Classic"

It Is the first example of a unique and fascinating light furniture series.

P.H.A.S. = "Please have a seat"       

Using top quality stainless steel and opal white, translucent Acrylic-glass with state of the art LED technology. Quality of manufacturing ”Made in Germany ”  and aesthetic appearance for the  user, coupled with unlimited functions for in- and outdoor use.

The light-bench is an active object of art – the owner may use the included color change programs or program his favorite color sequences.

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  • Light elements are opalescent Acryl glass, surface Nano coated. (3 seat modules/2 backrest modules)
  • Selectable color control made by 510 pieces of RGB-LEDs.
  • Color brightness, color, color intensity and color changes are controllable by a hand-held remote control shipped with the object.
Technical Data


High quality brushed and polished stainless steel (available in V4A-steel, price surcharge 476.- €)


Width: 70.9 inches
Height: 31.5 inches
Seat Depth: 23.6 inches


165 pounds

Total carrying capacity

771 pounds

Electrical power requirement

110/230 V supplied by a 197 inches power cable with a standard wall plug

Power consumption

90 Watt